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Clamping systems


Bad clamps lose more tension than good ones and flying clamps lose more tension than fixed clamps. Besides, fixed clamps are easier to use because a fixed clamp grips only one string at the time and it is easier to start stringing the main strings from a fixed clamp.

A good fixed clamp must meet the following criteria:
  1. The clamping force must be sufficient to hold the string at high tensions.
  2. The teeth must be wide with rounded edges so that the string does not become damaged.
  3. It must be easy to adjust the clamp to the gauge of the string.
  4. A single-action clamp system works much easier and faster. With many machines two actions are needed to clamp a string; first of all you have to clamp the string and secondly the clamping system has to be locked on the machine with much force.
  5. A double-action clamps should move around very easily and should be locked on to the machine without the use of much force.